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Web Design Concerns

Aimee Jackson

24-Hour Diner Manager

Q: Most websites like Yelp, does not reflect our brand. How can we ensure our design is trendy not generic?

We have posted on directory sites like Yelp and Google Places but they do not give us an opportunity to customize towards our brand. I tried to design my own site but it was rather difficult to navigate. Design is difficult but necessary. I wish these sites would give us the opportunity to show our amazing culture.

A: Design is important, but user experience is really key

Most these directories give you the ability to edit content but are limited with design control. You may have an eye for design but crafting a well designed website is extremely difficult and needs to be pixel perfect. When crafting a site, you need to make sure to use your company's color palette without sacrificing the visitors' overall experience. Many people assume design is just how it looks but experts understand that page speed is essential to a modern website. Focus on the information your customers need and let the design compliment the content.

Our Approach

Web Design is not just how it looks, it's how it feels

Design is simplicity. We focus on your brand, design, and page load speed. Customers are visiting your site for a reason and our goal is to find out why. Upon discovering why people visit your site, we begin designing around the important information. After highlighting the essential content we begin drafting the page structure.

Page layout gives you the control over how visitors consume your content. This perspective will give your site the secret sauce to keep visitors coming back. A proper page layout includes above-the-fold banners, menu placement, text-size, color palette, and images.

After in-house user testing, we launch the re-design and watch for customer feedback. You will see genuine improvements in leads, conversions, and overall satisfaction.

The Biggest Mistake in Web Design

Using High Resolution Images

In the midst of crafting an beautiful site, people forget to efficiently size images to lower resolutions. Images can be the difference between a site loading in 1 second or 5 seconds. An expert designer will find the perfect balance between image detail and download speed. Unlike print, your website cannot afford to display these huge images without retouching the image data size.

The first major decision you must learn to make is choosing which image format to use. When you can, upload your images as jpeg files not .png. Png files can be up to 3 times the size of the same image file saved in jpg. The only instance you would use a png format is to maintain transparency, but even this should be avoided when you can.