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Mobile App Development

Is a Mobile App worth the Price Tag?

Andrew Henderson

Children's Boutique Owner

Q: Everyone talks about mobile applications and how it can help business, but do I really need one?

I sell children's clothing ranging from new borns to pre teens, but my customers are working mothers always pressed for time. I've imagined the different possibilities a mobile application can bring but none seem ground breaking. None of my competitors have a store app, which makes me think twice about footing the bill for one.

A: Eventually every big box retailer and small business will have their own app

Most people assume phone applications are only for the big franchises and mega stores. This is a huge mistake because apps make your customers life easier. As mentioned, an app can help your timed-constrained customers in all areas such as coupons, discounts, in-app purchases, catalog browsing, and much more. If none of your competitors have made the commitment then it would definitely be an advantage to launch one before them.

Our Approach

Designing for a small screen is difficult, but extremely rewarding

Unlike websites, mobile apps are downloaded and give us the ability to harness the phone's processors. This type of engineering is why games on your phone run smoothly without any glitches. On the other hand, to leverage mobile resources our team needs to fully think through multiple solutions and administer the best one. As a result, your app will be as good, if not better than the apps released by Fortune 500 companies.

Everything begins with you ultimate business goal. We can discover this by researching which customer habits may help you reach your goal. For example, if you are looking for more sales, then it would be wise to make the shopping experience as concise as possible. It is essential to understand that people's habits are different when navigating through their smartphone.

During the discovery process, the database schema and business logic is programmed. We do this to meet the deadlines and facilitate teamwork later in the process. Upon finishing the general design we begin merging the front-end with the back-end. As a result, you have an elegant app that kicks ass.

The Biggest Mistake in Mobile App Development

Not Testing for Memory Leaks

Have you ever had an application unexpectedly close without any warning? Well, you can thank those pesky developers who did not perform adequate memory leak tests before releasing their code. Memory leaks happen when a portion of the application permanently eats up a thread of memory without ever allocating it to other functions.

When your phone reaches it's maximum capacity for dealing with the memory leak, it force closes as a safety measure. Some even attribute overheating of their smartphones to such problems. Please don't be that guy and release your application without multiple tests. Nobody wants to use an app that stops working, especially because people are very critical of mobile applications. If it doesn't work the first time people will rarely ever use it again. Remember, you can never test too much.