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Is Web Development Important?

Mary Jekel

Local Spanish Bakery Owner

Q: Where did all my customers go?

Recently there has been a decline in foot traffic and sales. I've tried everything from handing out flyers to even advertising daily specials. My regular customers always call me about the menu and at times I miss the phone call because I'm dealing with a customer. I can't bear the cost of hiring another employee but I just need some type of way to increase sales without sacrificing my customer service.

A: Invest in Web Development to better inform your customers

A website can inform customers about your daily specials, hours of operation, and your menu. The internet gives your customer the ability to access your bakery's information 24 hours a day, reducing the amount of time spent on the phone. This will also give you the freedom to work on other aspects of your business without sacrificing quality of service. If you want to be even more efficient, you can let customers order through the website!

Our Approach

Web Development is a mix of talent and tools

Our team is comprised of the best developers who know how to edit and write clean code. Our focus is not to rebuild the web but leverage our tools to make your site faster and efficient. By re-using our vast code base and emerging technologies we can save you time while working within your budget.

We begin each project by evaluating your customers’ needs and business goals. We build pages to attract new business and satisfy existing customers. Imagine how many phone calls could have been avoided by publishing this information on the web. The advantages of having an online presence includes better means of communication, accurate information, implementation of loyalty programs, and customer retention.

If you haven't invested in a website for your business, then your competition may have the edge. We encourage business owners to compare themselves to their competition. In doing so, you may find your competitors’ efforts include a digital strategy that may exceed yours. Regain the lead by using the latest development technologies to boost your traffic and sales.

The Biggest Mistake in Web Development

Using a Free Service To Build Your Website

Everyone tries to save a couple bucks by doing it themselves. This approach may work with changing your car's oil, but you wouldn't try to replace your car's engine. Yet, many business owners pay the consequences of using these build-it-yourself gimmicks and then wonder why there are no results.

These builders typically hinder your SEO results because search engines prefer unique sites. Most of these builders do not follow best practices or are out-dated. Search optimization is like a credit score and a poorly developed site can negatively impact your web presence.

These builders also contain a generic design and do not appeal to the average consumer. Think of the last time you were turned away from a website because of its poor design and lack of features. Your potential customers are web savvy and deserve to have a site that is tailored to their needs.

Think of your website as an employee. It should be working for you, but most web builders end up being a headache and require endless amount of effort to maintain. Do not settle for a generic website, give your customers what they deserve.