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Social Media Opens New Opportunities

Meredith Rutkowski

Italian Cuisine Restaurant Owner

Q: How do I know which social media platform is best for promoting my wine tasting events?

I have found so much support from the local wine enthusiasts and have been fortunate to have many attendees show up by referrals. However, I want to have more events and word of mouth may not be enough. I don't know where to start with all the different social networks available.

A: Focus on event centered social media platforms."

Referrals are a sign that you are doing a great job and venturing into social media will be a piece of cake. Wine tasting events require a niche audience which can be obtained through Meetup and Eventbrite. Both will place your event in front of the right people and as a bonus, you can even charge for it through their site.

Our Approach

Only update when you have material worth viewing

There are an infinite number of directions you can take by beginning a social media campaign. There are staple networks such as Facebook and Twitter that are great mediums for communicating to your current customers. They give you options to buy advertising for your target market, but by no means are they the only social networks worthy of your time.

Social media platforms such as Meetups, Instagram, Quora, Yahoo Questions, and many more can provide huge returns on the time you invest. Our goal is to pair the message your brand is trying to promote with the platform that supports the ambiance of your brand. Yes, we will need to analyze your staple social media accounts but we will also bring value by creating a presence on new social mediums.

Upon deciding which ones support your vision, we begin defining when is the best time to publish on each account and schedule posts at that time. You'd be surprised what an important role timing plays in the success of your media campaign.

The Biggest Mistake in Social Media Marketing

Posting and Publishing Too Much

People seem to think more is better but not when it comes to marketing on social sites. This can negatively impact your efforts and eventually minimize your reach. The only time to post is when you have something worth posting about. People get irritated when they see repetitive content on their feeds.

A well planned social media campaign usually goes side by side with content marketing. Focusing on displaying your message in a creative way is appreciated ten-fold.