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Is Content Marketing a Buzz Word?

Ronald Hayward

Divorce Attorney

Q: I don't have the time to write all the content for my blog, is it worth appointing someone else?

I have seen great success writing articles on topics ranging from alimony to the divorce process. Many of my current clients stumbled across an article and chose my firm just because of familiarity. My client base has grown immensely and so have my responsibilities. I plan to appoint a content writer to write my content but will it hurt my current marketing campaign?

A: Dedicating a full-time copywriter to your blog is always a great idea

Evidently, you have been doing an amazing job with publishing quality articles for your visitors. A good writer will only continue to improve your current endeavors. A writer's success begins with their ability to research and inspect topics their audience would appreciate. The more experienced writers will go beyond just writing and actually investigate unique topics.

Our Approach

Content Marketing is not an art but a science

Content is the secret sauce that keeps your visitors engaged and begging for seconds. We begin with researching the topics a potential customer would appreciate. These topics will be provided by you or your customer service team. We will continue to list topics and create a 'content map'. This will give us a clear understanding of what an engaging website in your area expertise would look like.

Within the content map, we begin choosing the delivery methods of the topics. Depending on the audience, you may decide to write articles, publish a how-to video, or display an educational illustration. Once each topic has been assigned a format, the content creation begins.

The preparation could be a rough draft, a screen play, or a thumbnail sketch. Once the preliminary draft has been approved, we begin creating the content and review it for final edits. Upon completion, we publish it on your site and marketing campaigns for the world to appreciate it.

The Biggest Mistake in Content Marketing

Hiring an Intern to Write Your Articles

Content Creation is usually seen as a secondary task. Many interns are delegated the burden of creating unique content that entertains the visitor. What few people realize is that sub par articles will certainly paint a terrible image to your potential customers. Design may instill trust but good media will create sales.

Interns lack the experience to publish great content such as fact checking, detailed research, sentence structure, multimedia presentation, and marketing potential. Sizing up your audience is crucial and should be administered to a professional content writer that can emit your brand onto their work.