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Marketing is more than just Brochures

Suzanne and Lily Wolland

Country Novelty Shop Business Partners

Q: There are so many marketing options, where should a small novelty shop even start?

Most of our profits are generated by tourists but after the launch of our site we realized people outside of Phoenix liked our southwest style goods. We want to take advantage of all the word of mouth passed by our shoppers while avoiding frivolous spending. There are so many forms of marketing from radio, banner ads, PPC, SEO, and much more. We want to get the best return on our investment from day one but don’t know where to start.

A: Good Marketing begins with defining what type of content your customers consume

Most small businesses are afraid of the costs associated with marketing. This can be for a number of reasons but it is usually because of a previous poor performing advertising campaign. If you are worried you will lose money, don't be. Research is key in choosing where you advertise. This begins with choosing to advertise in only marketing channels where your potential customers exist. Sounds expensive and complicated? It’s not. Let our marketing specialists design a marketing campaign specifically for your needs while keeping your spending minimal.

Our Approach

Marketing is not an expense, it's an investment

Marketing is an ever changing tool and every marketing campaign will require constant reevaluation. The abundance of options is actually an opportunity to pick and choose the channels that will actually influence your potential customers to visit your site. This begins with research. Determining what type of content your target market consumes will help us discover which sites they commonly visit.

Once we draft your customer profile we begin testing different channels. One may call this dipping our toes in the water. We wouldn't want to treat your marketing budget like a roulette table and place your entire budget in just one option. This round of testing will help us narrow our choices and give us ample data to make further decisions.

We review the marketing channels that provided a good ROI and grade them by measuring sustainability, scalability, market potential, and transparency. We further narrow our options until we find the best way to acquire new customers to your site. What most people like about our process is that there is constant feedback and detailed explanations on each decision. It is your business so you get to decide!

The Biggest Mistake in Marketing

Only Marketing through Print Media

Somehow there are still companies that only market through printed materials. With the advancement of the web, there are endless amounts of data that can help scale your marketing campaign while lowering cost. Yet, people continue to waste endless amount of dollars to print flyers. It's almost impossible for a small business to make an impact with their print campaign when you sum the cost of paper, ink, labor, and shipping.

The beauty of digital marketing lies in the scalability. You can initially begin with a small budget and optimize your campaign with the analytics provided. Print media does not offer analytics and can lead to poor decisions because you have no feedback. Stop wasting your time and money and invest in something that will actually give you a return. Online marketing is today’s only logical and profitable option. You would also be surprised to find out it can actually cost a lot less than a large print campaign!